I see slow living as a vision and an attitude towards life being more mindful in  my day-to-day appreciating the small moments being able to live life according to my own timeline and minimalism has been the tool to bring that Vision to life I thought about the most important minimalism practices that has helped  me to create my ideal lifestyle and that’s what I wanted to share with you today  for most of my life I never stopped and thought about what I wanted  I went to college because I thought it was the next step after high school  and afterwards I got a job to buy the car the house the vacations basically living my life to  check off all the boxes and while it was not a bad Life by any means it was a thoughtless one I sat  back while blindly following the script written by the media society and everyone else around me

5 steps to a minimalist lifestyle✨ here is how I did it

When I first encountered the concept of intentional living, I was confronted with a daunting yet pivotal query: What do I genuinely desire in life? This isn’t a question with straightforward answers, but it propelled me into a profound introspection about my priorities, values, and ambitions. It also made me ponder how I intended to allocate my time henceforth. For those still pondering these matters, ask yourself: What aspects of life exhilarate me? What are my inherent passions and talents? Where do I envision myself in the next 3, 5, or 10 years? What are my core values, and does my lifestyle mirror these principles? Sculpting an ideal life is a gradual process, but engaging with these significant inquiries can foster a consciousness that, I believe, is the initial step towards living intentionally.

Earlier this year, I discussed setting a one-word intention to guide the entire year. My chosen word was ‘abundance.’ This focus on abundance, aimed at attracting more of it into my life, has been revelatory. Concentrating on a specific aspect allowed me to perceive abundance in various forms – starting the year by connecting with incredible individuals, and recently, receiving exhilarating news about travel and work prospects. These incidents illustrate how everyday encounters can imbue a sense of abundance. It’s important to remember: by focusing on everything, you effectively focus on nothing. Therefore, be discerning about what you choose to concentrate on – the words you use, the perspective you adopt. I’m a firm believer that your internal focus inevitably mirrors in your external reality.

I wish I had realized sooner the importance of crafting our own support systems. While we might be fortunate to have friends and family, sometimes support needs to stem from external sources like an online community, a mentor, or a coach. Speaking of support, I’d like to mention an application that’s significantly aiding me in achieving one of my major goals – Co-Pilot. This video is sponsored by Co-Pilot, an affordable fitness coaching app offering personalized workouts suited to your goals and available equipment. It provides the blend of accountability and support from a real coach, along with the flexibility of exercising on your own timetable.

I have been using copilot to reach my fitness goals my coach is so awesome and she helped me  to set realistic and attainable goals based on my experiences so tell me a little bit about your gym  setup so are you planning on working out from home are you planning on getting a gym membership what  are you thinking I’ve gotten gym memberships in the past and I don’t really enjoy it so I don’t  want to go that route I do like working out from home do you want to get into like more resistance  training and like toning up my muscles what if we did the first part more shrink based resistance  style training so kind of slow paced right and at the very end I’ll do like four or five exercises  of like a hit circuit and you’ll go through it like twice or something like that I chose to do  twice a week workouts 30 minutes each because I also do yoga and other physical activities  too I’ve been using the app for almost a month now and I’m happy to say that I’ve been pretty  consistent and I feel so much stronger I think a big part of that success has to do with having a  real Coach to support encourage and remind me when I don’t feel so motivated if you are interested in  trying co-pilot you can click my link or scan the QR code to get a free trial with your own Expert  Fitness and health coach I’ll leave the link and more information in the description box

I’m pretty simple my happiness comes from being with my pups reading and watching  movies learning spending time with my loves and maybe traveling once in a while this sounds like  a good life to me but strangely enough I was living a life that took me further  away from these things and I realized that my priorities were not in the right place  I think once we get clear about what adds value to our lives it starts to become more obvious on what  we need to eliminate I started making a list of all the things that were potentially holding me  back from spending my free time the way I wanted to so I got rid of a lot of clutter unnecessary  bills memberships negative influences and if I couldn’t get rid of it completely I simplified it  as you guys know this is an ongoing process but after each declutter I’m always amazed  at how a little bit of conscious effort can really restructure my life thank you  life is so complex and there are so many variables external events the thoughts and  choices of other people unforeseen situations and while I do think that we hold the power to shape  our lives there will always be aspects of life that are outside of our control I try to remember that the only thing I have full control over is myself and how  I choose to perceive a situation if someone is rude for no reason if my car breaks down  if there’s a falling out with a friend or if anything doesn’t work out the way that I  had expected I can either play the victim or the hero I can either let it take over me or  brush it off I can see it as a complete waste of time or a lesson to be learned  I realized that each choice I make is what determines my life story sometimes we just  have to let go of control expectations and just trust the process trust that if something doesn’t  go the way that we wanted it wasn’t meant to be or that there was a bigger plan for us  I feel like when I do this life always rewards me with more than what I could have ever asked for thank you guys so much for watching and don’t forget to check out my link in the  description box or scan the QR code to get the free trial with Copilot  until my next video take care guys and I’ll talk to you really soon

5 steps to a minimalist lifestyle✨ here is how I did it

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