Hello everyone, I dedicate myself twice a year to analyzing upcoming fashion trends, creating boards that illustrate these trends. I not only identify their origins but also demonstrate how they can be integrated into everyday wardrobes in a practical manner. Consider this a vast pool of inspiration.

Feel free to embrace what resonates with you and disregard what doesn’t, as I always emphasize: trends are optional, not mandatory. With that in mind, let’s delve into our first trend: Liquid Metals. This trend is gaining traction on Pinterest as well.

I’ve previously talked about this article. It began with silver nail art, before evolving into clothing and interior design. Take Tory Burch, for example, where metallic dresses subtly shimmer beneath tailored blazers. At Ralph Lauren, a flowing metallic top is juxtaposed with a matte bottom.

Despite the large tulle skirt, the golden top stands out more prominently.

Coperni adopts a similar glossy-versus-matte approach, but with a more wearable skirt design. They maintain the concept of flowing fabric – a sequined material that contours the legs and moves with the wearer – paired with a casual matte knitted sweater. Prabal Gurung features a plissé fabric that catches light, even in soft pink shades, not just silver or gold. Alexander McQueen presents a more dramatic interpretation, where light is dynamically reflected through fringe-like materials that embrace and move with the body.

Other notable trends from this board include extra-long sleeves, which I consider a passing fad due to their impracticality, and oversized earrings with organic shapes.

It’s an accessory trend that we are going to see a lot this year all round,  in all price ranges and a really cool way of doing jewelry if you like making a statement. If you’ve missed my previous video on Pinterest trends, I will leave a link here in the card and  down below in the video description to that video. Catch up with it because this accessory trend is  going to be a recurring theme throughout this year and in all price ranges. You’re  going to get so many options that you won’t be able to pick.

It’s going to be massive. Next trend, the fashion codes that are usually seen as being masculine,  paired with codes that are usually considered feminine, starting with what these five outfits  have in common. Skirts that are very feminine as in soft, lightweight fabrics, pleated, see-through  delicate, the whole bandwidth. And then the top is rather menswear-like: a trench coat,  a blazer, a winter coat almost, even though it’s spring summer, with a focus on broad shoulders. At Proenza Schouler, the skirt is see-through, but layered so you don’t feel naked.

Loewe also tunes  down the femininity by pairing this mini skirt with a sweater and flats. On the other hand,  at Prada, Carven and Dior, the skirt is very see-through, very sexy and paired  with pointy high heels straight from a femme-fatale closet. Eighties concept. So I’m not saying you should start wearing see-through skirts at work. That’s not what  I’m saying, but maybe take some inspiration from that idea of mixing some masculine and  some feminine features in one outfit.

You could also switch things around and  pair a very feminine top something drape-y, something see-through, something delicate,  with rather menswear-inspired bottoms. I feel like that would be a lot more wearable, wouldn’t it? In  terms of fabrics, typically feminine, things that you might want to look for are batiste,  satin silk, tulle, organza, etc. I called our next trend “Athletics  meets ready-to-wear.” I think it’s an attempt at bringing people back to wearing proper clothes,  ready-to-wear clothes after years off working from home in your sweatpants.

I’ve talked  about this idea on the channel before. I believe personally that the pandemic has had a profound  effect on fashion and what people’s priorities are. Less people want to wear heels at all ever.  Less people put style before comfort. It’s much more the other way around now.

Fashion  houses must adapt to that changed market, and so when you look at these women, you  see materials and patterns usually found in the sports department almost.

It’s not even casual,  it’s really sporty. However, you could not say that they’re too casual, could you? And that’s  because the color palettes are sophisticated. The looks are accessorized properly.

It’s on  point. These outfits are absolutely curated. In other words, no one woke up like this,  right? The two outfits on the left are probably the most casual ones due to the white cord in  the front it feels a little bit like sweatpants, but this is properly tailored. Don’t be mistaken.

At Vuitton, it’s a vintage-looking vest paired with a long dressed-up skirt. Definitely not  pajamas. I put two Gucci looks on this board, one with a sweater dress and one two-piece  outfit. Both include contrasting neon shoes and statement jewelry. She could go out like  that in the evening.

Top Fashion trends for Spring/Summer 2024 (but wearable)

This is not casual. And then at Tod’s, the sweater has sporty stripes,  but it is paired with leather and heels. None of these women is coming un-showered straight  from the gym. They could be going out like this in the evening absolutely, and I think that is  the essence of the trend or of what I understand of it. Sporty-looking, but chic and curated 100%.

Next step, flowers. So I know what you’re going to say. Flowers for spring, groundbreaking. Extra  point if you just got the movie reference. But I did want to include it because it’s not your  regular cute pastel-y girly flower print.

It’s massive and it’s hyperrealistic. Look at these.  The flower is at the core of each outfit on a solid color background. Here, I’m showing  only dresses, which was the majority of what I saw on runways, but you could imagine that on a  jacket. Then it’s a great way of adding a color accent to a whole black outfit for instance,  choosing the color of your flower depending on the color of your outfit.

I’m especially impressed  by the two dresses on the right, McQueen and Simone Rocha. These are works of art. Note, the  statement earring that McQueen wore on one side only, again that’s, our massive earring trend. If you like this kind of pattern, an artistic sort of unique, standalone print,  you could take a silk jacket or denim jacket that you already own and paint the flower  like this on it.

I know I have subscribers on this channel who are real artists and like to  paint and make their own clothes and paint on fabric.

You’re going to love this trend guys. Our next trend is about tiny shorts. When I say tiny, I’m not exaggerating,  okay? They could be knickers. They’re that tiny.

At Chanel, the shorts are like a neutral accessory  because the star of the outfit is actually the jacket. At Dries Van Noten, the legs are more  covered because the jacket hits extra low on the thighs, so you feel a little bit more protected.  Gucci’s shorts aren’t knitted like the first two. This is leather. It’s shiny and colorful,  so it does attract the eye, and then it’s paired with a matte, very neutral gray sweater, aka focus  on the legs, not the torso.

Top Fashion trends for Spring/Summer 2024 (but wearable)

At Prada, we see two more dressed up versions of this, one where the  fabric is tone-on-tone with the top, one where it’s two different fabrics, and so that way the  high waist is more in focus. That’s a cool trick. Dior does something interesting here. Tiny shorts,  tone-on-tone with the mid-length, see-through skirt. That would actually be wearable,  I think, if the shorts were just a little bit longer.

Would you agree? Because it looks very  elegant.

Monochromatic. This is a masterclass in monochromatic with a mix of different textures.  It’s not a boring outfit.

It’s very sophisticated. Influencers will be wearing these tiny shorts  without a skirt on top, without any extra layer on Instagram. All over Instagram for sure. But  I’m curious, would you wear something like this? Would you wear the tiny shorts alone?

I think it’s  pretty tricky in some situations. Would you ride the subway with these shorts? Would you go to work  with these shorts? I think I wouldn’t, but I would do it if the shorts were a bit longer,  as I said, and with something on top, another layer, and then I’d feel covered enough,  and I think it’s an interesting trend.

It’s a look that we haven’t seen in previous decades,  so this is actually something new.

Thumbs up if you enjoyed this trend  review. Thank you very much. Please do let me know also in the comments down below, which trends you  liked or disliked, which ideas or suggestions or techniques you’ll be keeping from all this. I’m  curious. Subscribe to my channel if you have not done so already, so that I can see you in the next  video which will probably be a vlog.

Time for an update. Until then, I leave you with this video  here where I review Pinterest trends, the major trends on Pinterest for this year.

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