In the world of men’s fashion, the quintessential pair of jeans holds an iconic status. But gentlemen, have you ever pondered what truly makes a pair of jeans stand out? It’s all in the fit. A well-fitted pair of jeans can significantly enhance your appearance, accentuating your best features. On the contrary, jeans that don’t fit well can lead to a sloppy and unkempt look. Avoid the dreaded ‘dad jeans’ scenario! Thomas from Real Men Real Style here, and I’m about to guide you through the journey of finding that perfect fit, starting with the seat.

For those who are regulars in the gym, focusing on the lower body, you’ll know the struggle. Finding jeans that fit well in the seat but are too loose around the waist is common. The solution? Get the right fit in the seat and then have a tailor adjust the waist. Remember, jeans that are too loose in the seat can make your backside look saggy, whereas too tight a fit might risk a tear when you bend down. The ideal fit will showcase your shape without feeling restrictive.

Next, let’s talk about the waist. Caught between sizes? Many opt for the larger one, resulting in excess fabric and the annoyance of constantly pulling up your jeans. A belt might help, but it doesn’t solve the problem of the bunched-up look. The perfect waist fit should not require a belt, but still allow room for movement.

Now, to the rise of the jeans – low, medium, or high. Low rise, a trend from the 2000s, sits low on the hips, but it’s not recommended for most as it can distort body proportions. High rise, while good for those with a larger midsection, might make the torso appear disproportionately short. The golden middle ground? Mid-rise, sitting comfortably two inches below the navel, flattering for most body types.

Moving down, let’s examine the thighs. Aim for one to two inches of extra fabric for a comfortable yet tailored look. Too tight, and you risk the jeans splitting; too loose, and they lose their shape. Lastly, the calf fit. A super tight fit around the calves can come off as slightly feminine, so unless you’re very slender, opt for a fit that’s snug but not constricting.

So gentlemen, are you ready to find your perfect pair of jeans? With these guidelines, the journey to sartorial success is within reach!

i highly recommend skipping the skinny jeans likewise having a ton of extra fabric around the cabs isn’t a great look either so it’s best to avoid a loose fit or boot cut a straight or tapered cut through the calf will look best on most men next up the length this is easily one of the most important areas you need to nail on your jeans going with a very short length is a look some guys love though it’s more of a fashion trend and isn’t likely to last over time many men make the mistake of wearing their jeans way too long pools of fabric around your ankles does not do you any favors and worse the back of your jeans will start to fray for being dragged on the ground the right length will be anywhere from a full break to no break the full break is more of a traditional look while no break will be more sleek and streamlined if your jeans are too long then you’ll need to get them hemmed to fit correctly or if you want a more rugged look simply roll up the cuff click on this card right here to watch all the different ways you can roll your jeans next up let’s talk about the material historically jeans are made from 100 cotton which honestly you can’t go wrong with however if you really want to step up your jeans game i highly recommend checking out blends that use one to two percent elastane this gives the fabric a lot more stretch than regular cotton so you can more comfortably move around in your jeans so now you know how to get the perfect fit for your jeans but what about your t-shirt how should that fit check out this video right here gents where i’m going to show you all the points you need to nail to get the perfect fitting t-shirt you

STOP Wearing Your Jeans Wrong! (7 Tips For PERFECT Fit)

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