we delve into the crucial role of undergarments in crafting an impeccable outfit. I’ll share vital Underwear Secrets every woman should be aware of, from selecting the ideal bra size to achieving the desired silhouette. These tips will assist you in ensuring your clothes fit flawlessly, creating a seamless and elegant finish

So let’s get started. Let’s start off with how to find your perfect bra size.

Underwear SECRETS Every Woman Should LEARN

Having the right bra fit is essential for comfort and achieving the look you desire. Many people often wear the wrong size, and as a former bra fit specialist trained in sizing, I can tell you that the process is straightforward and can be done at home. You’ll need a flexible tape measure to take two key measurements. Start by measuring your underbust to determine the band size—the first number in bra sizing, like the 32 in 32C. Ensure the tape is flat and snug against your ribcage. Record this number. Then, measure across the fullest part of your bust to find your cup size. Lay the tape flat and take note of this second measurement.

Calculating your size is simple: start with your band measurement (say, 32) and match it to your cup measurement. Keep in mind, bra fits can vary with different styles and constructions, so be flexible and try a few options for the best fit. If you have a smaller frame, like me, and your underbust measures significantly smaller than standard sizes, start with a 32 band and adjust as needed. This approach is particularly helpful for petite individuals, ensuring a more accurate fit..

When you look at a traditional  bra and specifically those within traditional U.S and European sizing your band measurement on a 32  actually accommodates a 24-25 inch underbust and you can see on the back of the bra there  are three or four clasps and the tightest one is going to give you that secure fit between 24  and 26 inches now since your band size or your underbust measurement definitely indicates the  overall cup size and the cup coverage sometimes it can give you a fit that’s not exactly what you’re  looking for and in that case if you do want to go for your exact size and find a 26 inch band  those do exist they’re just harder to find and they’re almost exclusively online but they’re  out there so I’m going to link some resources down below for you let’s go quickly go over how a bra  is actually supposed to fit in the actual function of how it’s designed I think there’s a very common  misconception that the support of a bra is coming from the straps or the cups and it’s actually not  true your support is coming from the underbust or your band that’s why it’s so important that  you get that measurement as exact as possible and you find something that’s really secure it  doesn’t ride up when you move or you lift your arms but it’s also really comfortable and that’s  why getting your measurement and then trying a few is going to make a really big difference  it’s kind of like jeans you may know kind of the style that you want or kind of the size that you  typically go for but it’s not until you actually try on a couple pairs or a lot of pairs that you  find your perfect pair.

so now let’s go over how to achieve an invisible look or have no show items  no show bras no-show panties and create a really seamless base that you can’t see underneath white  clothing and this is something that I think a lot of us don’t really realize eyes and that’s that  if you wear white Under white it becomes more obvious and to work around that you actually  want to go for something as close to your skin tone as possible and I know me personally I find  this to be a little bit tricky my skin tone is a little bit hard to match in conventional bras so  in order to work around this I actually go to a bra department and I will hold my arm up to  different bras in order to find a color that’s as close as possible and I also find that since  this part doesn’t really see the sun ever going for the under part of my arm gives me a really  really close match and I’m able to find something that’s close enough if not perfect in order to get  that seamless finished and create something that’s truly invisible you’re going to want to look for  a couple things the first is a really smooth cup so when you’re looking at the bra you shouldn’t  be able to see any buckling or any kind of like bunching anywhere and that’s going to allow for  a really soft lay when you’re actually wearing it also finding something in a really thin material  can give you this effect as well and then the other thing that’s really important is when it  comes to the band you’re going to want to go wider rather than smaller it doesn’t matter  if this is something you’re worried about every day when you are putting on a bra it instantly  compresses things because this is actually breast tissue and I think a lot of us associate it just  with the front but it actually continues all the way in the back so getting a wider band that kind  of forces everything into place the way that you want to can give you a really really smooth  finish now these very same principles can apply to underwear as well and getting a color that’s  really really close to your skin tone is the best place to start and then from there you’re going to  want to keep things like lace and detailing to a minimum they look so beautiful but when actually  practically wearing those things underneath clothing they can kind of show up depending  on the material and the color so keeping it as boring as possible is going to be your best bet  if you want a smooth finish and a seamless look and something that it’s invisible and then also  what I really like here is if you are wearing maybe a pair of pants or a skirt and it’s in a  lighter color and you’re a little bit worried about it being transparent you can work around  that by going for shapewear things that are a little bit higher waisted they’re a little bit  stretchy and flexible and they have a little bit of a longer leg so maybe like kind of like a tiny  little short and this is going to not only give you coverage but also protect you from feeling  too exposed and it’s a trick that I’ve used for many years and it makes a really big difference .

another thing that I really love about this in particular is you can use this even under  pants in order to get a really smooth tuck so if you’re wearing a top and you want it to lay  perfectly flat put on a pair of shapewear tuck your shirt into it smooth it all out perfectly  and then pull your skirt or your pants up and everything is going to lay perfectly now I also  want to quickly mention that you can definitely go for things in lace in different colors just be  mindful about that being visible Underneath Your Clothes clothing if it’s not your intention and  if you want it to be visible going for something like beautiful lace and delicate details like that  and then wearing that underneath the semi-share top can be so beautiful and likewise if you go  for maybe a bralette style you can wear like a beautiful silk top unbutton a few buttons and  have the bralette show and that acts almost like a camisole and creates a really really beautiful  finish and some really fun styling.

now let’s talk about what you should look for if you want to wear  something that’s strapless and you don’t want your bra to show so you’ve got a couple options  here if you’re working with a wider neckline maybe like the top that I have today you can  usually wear just a conventional bra and just kind of push the straps a little bit that’s  what I do and it tends to work perfectly fine but if you are worried about them shifting and  becoming visible and you don’t want that you can put a little bit of double-sided tape and then  secure it and it should stay in place throughout the rest of the day but if you really don’t want  that or you’re wearing a strapless top going for a strapless bra is definitely the best bet  now if you have a larger bust this can be a little bit tricky because you’re not getting the double  support from the band and then the straps but like I mentioned since most of your support comes from  your band you can work around this a little bit by going for a bra that has a band that fits you  perfectly something that’s a little bit wider so even something that continues a little bit lower  and has some ribbing there that can give you a lot of added support and looking for something  that has tiny bits of silicone added in underneath where the cup is or along the band that’s going to  make sure things lay nice and tight and give you added benefits and support there.

now if you have  a smaller Bust or you just don’t want to wear a traditional strapless bra they do have sticky  bras and these I find to be good and also not that great it can be great in environments that aren’t  that humid but when it’s very very hot they can be very uncomfortable to wear and then again if you  do have a larger bust they tend to not work that great but if you have a smaller Bust or you’re  just not worried about that getting the little covers is a really great workaround and it’s very  easy you literally just put them on and they stay put but then also if you do want a little bit of  added support or you want to shift things into a slightly different silhouette you can find Sticky  bras that have a little clasp in the middle and that gives you more flexibility to actually shape  things into place but then of course the option always exists to just not wear a bra and if you  don’t want to just skip it don’t worry about it at all so to close out this video I want to  quickly mention that all of this is personal and very subjective and you should always be striving  for things that feel really comfortable when you wear them and if that means going for a bra with  no underwire definitely do that those exist now and I find them to be really supportive and the  Silhouettes are great so they give you a really beautiful seamless finish and they’re a little bit  more comfortable and if that means not wearing a bra at all that is always a valid option as  well and just experimenting and making sure that you’re choosing something that’s giving you the  effect that you want so if you want invisible and seamless that’s a totally different Camp than if  you want something that is visible and customizing this to you is the most important when it comes  to personal style and fashion and the utilitarian feeling of underwear can be a little bit limiting  sometimes and it should really come down to expression so definitely let me know in the  comments down below if there’s anything that I didn’t cover in this video that you would like  some help with because maybe I can make a second part or try to respond in the comments and then  like always thank you of course for watching and I’ll see my next one have a great day

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