Hello everyone, it’s Heather from Loving Our Age. As we embark on 2024, I’ve decided to bring you another “Please Don’t Wear” video. Many of you have shown great appreciation for these videos. Remember, these are purely my personal views, but I believe they will resonate with numerous women of a certain age group. Let’s dive into the first mistake without further ado. Also, I plan to release a part two of this video later this year to keep it concise.

The first mistake is holding onto old bras. We get so used to them, and they are often the last items we want to discard. However, I’ve noticed many old bras come with underwires that aren’t particularly beneficial. The elastic tends to wear out, stretching unevenly in various parts like the back. It’s probably time to let these go, but I have encouraging news! Modern bras have vastly improved, especially for us mature women. One of my top picks is from Warner’s.

This bra offers excellent support without the need for wires. It features robust elastic, not just thin strips, and even supports areas under the arms where we might have some flab. Warner’s has named this design “No Side Effects,” and it’s quite affordable – last I checked, it was around $21. It’s available in five colors, including black, and comes in a range of sizes (make sure to check the size chart). For about $20, these bras are a great investment.

Now, let’s talk about shapewear. Avoid the kind that rolls down, particularly if it doesn’t stick well to briefs underneath. This can ruin the look of a beautiful dress. Instead, opt for shapewear with silicone straps for better hold, preventing roll-downs. You can pair any bra with it, and it comes in various colors. Some versions even include thigh shapewear. These are reasonably priced, around $17-$18.

In 2024, athletic wear is highly fashionable, but old, dirty athletic shoes can ruin the look and even age you. Instead, try breathable, stylish options suitable for warm weather. For example, I’ve been wearing Nikes, which cost around $67 and are perfect for long walks and traveling.

Finally, although skinny jeans are out of style, avoid transforming them into cutoff shorts. This often appears as an attempt to seem youthfully trendy and can be uncomfortable in hot weather. Instead, consider something like Jag Jeans’ lightweight skirts with an elastic waist and built-in shorts, retailing around $64 – a stylish and comfortable alternative.

For more on the fashions I’ve mentioned, check out the video description and comments. Also, visit amazon.com/shop/awesomeover50 for my favorite picks from dresses to footwear and daily deals.

7 Fashion Mistakes to Stop Wearing in 2024 Women Over 50 & 60

All right next let’s talk about panty hose. Now the good news is that skin tone panty  hose of better quality is making a comeback and you can see how sheer this is and how it’s going  to look very very light on my legs. What we don’t want to do is buy the old fashioned kind of panty  hose you know what I mean.

Especially the dark darker color the more tanned color all that this  does is it just it kind of see look at that it kind of just really shows up and so we don’t want  that.

Now you might be thinking to yourself what about you know the black panty hose and that sort  of thing. An absolute yes on that. Here I’m just going to show you if I can get it right kind of  a sheer kind of panty hose. There we go.

All right so something like this is fine and also tight  are also fine it might be in the warmer weather you’re not going to wear tights but certainly in  the cooler weather. I just wore this the other day. The pattern hose is very very popular  as well. All right so now what was next on my list here oh right I wanted to tell you about when  you’re wearing like a darker hose like the black hose make sure that you’re not wearing them with  like a white or a light pastel dress or skirt. If you like videos like these made by a woman of  a certain age I would love love love for you to subscribe there’s a button down there somewhere  and don’t forget to click on the notification bell.

Next let’s talk about makeup. I truly  believe if you’re going with your natural silver or gray hair you should be wearing not a darker  lipstick and especially if you have those vertical lines you know what I mean. So let’s take a look.  So here I have a dark lipstick. Notice how harsh it looks especially with my lighter complexion and  lighter hair.

It actually makes my face look older. Better to wear a lighter lipstick like this one  where the eyes are drawn not to my showy lips but to my overall face especially my eyes. And  don’t forget to stay until the end of this video where I’m going to have an inspirational message  for you.

And if you want even more inspiration don’t forget to check out my Masterclass it’s  all packaged for you with skin care, fashion makeup, hair care and of course lots and lots  of confidence tips and my own personal story as well. It’s about $39 and you also get an invite  into a private group.

All right let’s look at the next tip. The two handled handbags are trending  and many women are removing the attached crossbody strap to fit in but I think there are two things  wrong with this. First if you’re an older woman this makes you look more…

well old ladylike also  most of us need that crossbody for two reasons. First of all it makes the purse handsfree which  really comes in handy for browsing in stores or even grocery shopping and secondly it’s safer  for us because we can position our purse more in more in front of us and that keeps our valuables safer.  Now whether you’re new here or a seasoned viewer I’ve been doing these videos for over five years  now.

And you know what? I really love what I do and I’m always ordering new clothing new makeup  and I’m really trying everything out.

And you know what? If I don’t say yes to something you’ll never  see it. I consider myself like a personal shopper for women over 50, 60 and beyond. I  invest in these fashions. I share them with you and I’m so excited that a lot of them are being chosen  as your personal style and you’re enjoying them in this chapter of your life.

And here’s to another  five years of me being your personal stylist and personal shopper. You know as I said I really  love what I do and let me know in the comments if I have helped you with you know choosing  your wardrobe and what to wear because for me and for us it’s just another way to be loving our age..

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