Curiosity abounds when it comes to the number of jeans I own – the count hovers somewhere between a dozen to perhaps 13, stretching to an impressive range of 30 to 40 pairs. Hi there, everyone! This is GQ Recommends, and today, we delve into the world of jeans. How often do I find myself donning a pair? Practically every day, barring occasions like funerals. Their versatility knows no bounds, seamlessly matching every piece in your wardrobe.

Jeans come in a multitude of fits, as diverse as our body shapes. And each pair, undoubtedly, should be as unique as the person wearing them. The straight leg jean, epitomized by the legendary Levi’s 501, stands as the cornerstone of denim history – a true original in the jeans saga. The 501 is more than just a pair of jeans; it’s a starting point for denim enthusiasts. Its straight silhouette, neither too snug nor too relaxed, paired with a mid-rise waist, captures that quintessential greaser vibe.

I find it thrilling to pair these classics with a denim jacket, embracing the full Canadian tuxedo – a nod to my Canadian heritage. A rugged pair of boots or a simple white t-shirt can elevate the look. Just think of Denzel, exuding regal elegance at the airport, showcasing how these jeans can be both dressed up and down. They’re remarkably adaptable, effortlessly pairing with a blazer or a button-up shirt, even playing well with a denim-on-denim ensemble.

Budget-conscious? Start with Levi’s, the pioneers of American blue jeans. Or, for a tougher, more vintage feel akin to what James Dean might have sported, try a brand like Left Field. For those wanting to push the boundaries, Japanese labels like Kapital offer an artisanal take on denim, complete with unique colors and weaves – a true denim art form.

Then there’s the flare jean, a 70s rock and roll emblem, retro and diverse. From boot cuts designed for cowboy boots to extravagant bell bottoms, the style variations are fascinating. I love pairing flare jeans with black Chelsea boots for a classic look, or even with Zomba sneakers for a more casual vibe. Capital’s hippie jeans, a modern twist on 60s denim worn by hippies, look incredibly stylish when worn with Jordans.

Celebrities like Jeremy O’Hara in Gucci jeans demonstrate the allure of the flared look, particularly when paired with loafers. Today’s vintage stores are treasure troves of flared jeans, and designers are experimenting with bold flare silhouettes on runways. Levi’s has recently reintroduced a high-waisted flare that’s subtly elegant. Brands like Wrangler, Celine, and Gucci are also mastering the flared jean.

As for me, I’m currently sporting slim straight jeans, a refined take on the classic straight leg. This silhouette is a tad narrower, sitting comfortably over sleek Chelsea boots or classic Chucks. Pairing these with a more formal shoe can enhance the look. Their timeless appeal lies in their versatility – they will never feel outdated. For those venturing into this style, Levi’s is a safe bet, but brands like Buck Mason offer more premium options. Every brand has their take on the slim silhouette, leaving you spoilt for choice

i think a lot of guys will start to go to apc or 316 or rag and bone these are the ramones in a classic slim straight gene i love how much attitude they have like how much punkish derision they have for the man i think it all comes from the jeans high-waisted jeans are exactly what they sound like they sit high on your waist kind of up to your navel it’s a very late 80s early 90s look it gives you that like freddie mercury jimi hendrix type of vibe it kind of elongates your body it’s relaxed but also feels a bit more like pulled in since it sits up here high-waisted jeans being cool again is a very recent thing i think you’ll remember in like the 2000s early 2010s low-rise was still a thing right for men and women we’ve started to see those waistlines creep up higher and higher your waistline is fully on display you should have a fun belt to show it off whether that’s something really classic whether that’s a little bit thinner which might be a cool look whether it’s a fun loud color definitely when you have a high-waisted jean you should tuck in your shirt i think you want people to see that it’s a high-waisted jean and it just also accentuates your figure i like a half tuck if you’re wearing a button down i’m known to do a half tuck i think if you’re wearing a t-shirt tuck it in fully for a more accessible jeans like under a hundred dollars i like wrangler’s dress jean it has like a bit of a flare it’s higher waisted but it feels more dressy evan mock this is an amazingly bold look there’s his navel the jeans being that high like do a lot of the work here making sure that you’re not exposing too much and yet just that little bit of skin takes this look to a whole other level i think i’d love to own these pair of jeans the detailing in the pockets is great they’re a great fit they’re not too tight around your calves they’re wider at the bottom there’s like a two inch break there which is always great by the boot david bowie is david bowie how could you not love everything about david bowie yeah he has a great denim kind of a faded black wash has a great belt they sit higher waisted they hug your calf which is awesome yeah this is a sick look [Music] so what are skater jeans i’m not a skateboarder obviously skaters tend to wear jeans that are wider in the thigh it’s just easier to be like active in jeans that are not tight in the thighs skaters also tend to wear jeans that are cropped if not super cropped at least not super long you don’t want too much jean getting in the way of what you’re doing you want to also show off your sneakers so in my mind a skater cut is lower on the waist for sure but it’s pretty loose and fluid probably held up by like a shoelace belt if anything funnily enough i think the people who style skater jeans the best are actual skaters so at any point south of canal street you’ll see guys in baggy t-shirts super low-rise sheens and maybe a trucker hat they naturally lend themselves towards less formal outfits although you can certainly pair them with like a pair of clogs and a really large double-breasted overcoat and still look pretty sick i do have a couple pairs of jeans that are sort of reminiscent of skater jeans such as this pair which is quite wide in the thighs and then you know also a little cropped it’s super adaptable you know today i’m wearing them with chunky prada chelsea boots but yesterday i wore them with loafers.

i wouldn’t wear skater jeans with like a jacket a button-down shirt i mostly just wear with t-shirts so i’m looking at a picture of james harden wearing a very nicely fitting pair of skater jeans and he’s a huge sneaker head so it makes sense that he wants a silhouette that kind of ends before his shoes james harden makes these look just so easy as you can see they’re a little paint splattered i’m not sure if that happened when he was in the studio i think either way it looks it looks kind of cool i would also point out that he’s obviously a taller dude and this makes him look really well proportioned because they’re cropped and don’t put too much emphasis on his lower half asap rocky is obviously a style god i don’t think he’s ever worn a bad fit and these jeans are cropped at the hem he’s wearing them with vans it looks like rocky has a little strand of pearls sort of serving as a wallet chain i’ve never seen that before i think it’s incredible if you’re looking for under 100 skater jeans i’d probably go to levi’s in the roughly 300 range sounds unconventional but i’d probably send you to supreme despite the graphic tees their jeans are super sturdy and will last you for years well thanks for watching all of our wonderful gene content tune in next time for whatever else we’re going to talk about

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