There’s an odd scent, reminiscent of a Trojan helmet. Are we aiming to channel Melania Trump here or not? Actually, it might not be the best idea. You should enter the room with confidence, showcasing a stunning rose gold theme. A shout-out to everyone who’s watching.

Serving stylish looks for those persistent relatives who incessantly inquire about money. Showcasing styles for past relationships. Hello everyone, welcome back to my channel. This is Jackie-o, welcoming you all.

I might be one of the last influencers to collaborate with Fashion Nova, but hey, it’s always good to start at some point, right?

Fashion Nova - Legit or Nah?! | Jackie Aina

Today, I’ll be doing a Fashion Nova try-on haul. I know all of you enjoy our discussions on fashion and these style showcases. They take more effort than you might think. Setting up for these is not as easy as it appears.

But, these segments are incredibly enjoyable as it’s a chance to diverge from makeup discussions. As mentioned earlier, I’ve partnered with Fashion Nova for this video. A big thank you to them, and a Happy New Year to Fashion Nova. They really look out for us. For those unfamiliar with Fashion Nova, they are a popular online clothing store.

You’d be hard-pressed to find someone who hasn’t heard of Fashion Nova. If you haven’t, that’s surprising. They are quite prominent on Instagram and have a significant presence in various media outlets. Celebrities like Nicki Minaj and Cardi B are often seen wearing their designs.

Fashion Nova excels in making trendy fashion accessible and affordable to everyone, which is something I think we can all appreciate. And a big plus – their clothing is designed with stretchable material. The little things really do matter!

It’s challenging to find clothes that fit perfectly and don’t drag on the floor. Fashion Nova offers a wide range, not limited to jeans, but encompassing an entire wardrobe.

I want to highlight their cropped jeans that don’t reach the floor; they’re a go-to choice for me. Their jeans are remarkably comfortable and adapt to your body shape after some wear.

Fashion Nova - Legit or Nah?! | Jackie Aina

Like jeans, you need to break them in, akin to introducing them to the in-laws.

The breaking-in process makes them more comfortable and adaptable. I’ve previously featured some Fashion Nova items in my “Baton Boughie on a Budget” video. You should check it out if you haven’t already. Everything they offer is surprisingly affordable!

So, let’s start trying on some outfits, serving looks for everyone, from children to grandparents, to those persistent aunts who keep asking to borrow money, and even for past partners…

Let’s dive into the first outfit, where I’m showcasing a military-inspired look.

Camo has always been a favorite of mine, and I’ve been intrigued by berets recently, especially the ones I’ve seen on Instagram. Though I have a large head – well, it’s actually my wig that’s large, not my head. My head size is fairly average, maybe slightly larger.

Remember the trick I told you about pairing expensive shoes and bags with affordable outfits to elevate the whole look? That’s what’s happening here. Camo is a timeless trend, perfect for all seasons. This oversized denim camo jacket, priced at fifty-two dollars, is particularly apt for the LA climate where we don’t need heavy coats.

This outfit is ideal for transitional weather, being warm during the day and cool at night.

Let’s also give a nod to this beret, only ten dollars.

I’m going to show you how versatile this outfit can be. Watch how I transform this camo dress into a trench coat style. I’ve paired it with a turtle neck bodysuit, also from Fashion Nova. Don’t overspend on basics like these, they are essential but should be affordable.

Fashion Nova’s bodysuits are great as they don’t ride up and maintain a sleek silhouette. Pairing it with jeans creates a sophisticated look. You just need the right accessories to pull it together.

I still have the beret on and it looks fantastic with everything.

But we’re about to elevate the style quotient. Just wait and see.

So, this latex piece. Latex often has a reputation for being tight, uncomfortable, and having a peculiar smell – like a Trojan helmet. But this piece from Fashion Nova is surprisingly different. It’s comfortable and doesn’t have any strange odors.

This skirt is a standout piece, its metallic shine making it a versatile option for various looks. It might not be the most conventional choice for some, but I think it’s worth experimenting with.

For this look, I’ve paired the skirt with a faux fur jacket, also from Fashion Nova. Sometimes I opt for a size larger for that relaxed fit. The oversized look needs to be styled correctly to avoid looking messy.

This outfit is potentially my go-to for New Year’s Eve. It exemplifies a bold and luxurious style, not suitable for those seeking a more subdued, Kate Middleton-esque look. But for those who love to make a statement, Fashion Nova offers trendy, attention-grabbing options.

Continuing with this theme, I’m showcasing coordinates and matching separates, a trend that has become a staple. This particular set cost only twenty-seven dollars.

I’ve topped it with a denim jacket for an effortlessly cool vibe. This is the kind of look you put together when you want to appear casually stylish without much effort.

In Los Angeles, even when it’s warm, you can still style this outfit by removing the jacket.

The stretchy fabric of Fashion Nova’s clothing is a significant plus, especially for those of us who appreciate comfort in our daily wear. This look is my go-to for days when I want to look chic with minimal effort.

In 2018, we’re embracing both inner and outer beauty. These outfits reflect this philosophy, allowing you to express yourself while staying comfortable and fashionable.

Let’s continue exploring more styles. This outfit with fuzzy tops might be a bit over the top, but it’s a look I enjoy.

Fashion Nova’s range also includes festive options, perfect for the holiday season. I’m particularly fond of this crop top and skirt combo. It’s playful yet stylish, ideal for a casual yet chic look.

Dennis would definitely appreciate this style. It’s bold, vibrant, and makes a statement.

Fashion Nova’s clothing line is not just about following trends; it’s about creating them. Their diverse range caters to a variety of styles, allowing everyone to find something that suits their taste.

So, that’s a wrap on today’s fashion haul. I hope you enjoyed these looks and found some inspiration for your own wardrobe. Thanks for joining me, and I look forward to sharing more fashion finds with you all in the future

Fashion Nova - Legit or Nah?! | Jackie Aina

– -They came through. – -Thank you. – -I was a devoted, loyal customer, you know.

– -It wasn’t Fashion Nova who did this, it was my email. – -So it’s because of you? – -Yeah, I made it- – -You didn’t email them. – -I called their CEO, I made emails, the only thing I’m still waiting for is the request to do men’s stuff. We’re still waiting for the men’s stuff.

Like we want trucks like this, you know? I mean, for the scope of- – -That actually would be cute though. – -She’s sure if we walk by- – -Bye, bye, bye- What about this one, babes? – -Yeah it’s nice! – -This skirt is cute, huh.

– -It’s nice and tight. – -I love this look. This is like a rockstar. (silence) This with some thigh high boots, some leather thigh high boots though! Talk about looking expensive AF.

I’m gonna get a lot of use out of this skirt.

One of my favorite ways to wear black pleather skirts like this, is with banties and stuff. Because it’s like, sleek and shiny, but hard and rugged and rough, you know? Just throw a t-shirt on top of it! Or, dress it up.

Put a fuzzy crop on top and once again, she’s snatching us in! Oh girl! Oho! You know I never thought that I would be one of those people that would be like “black is my every day thing”, you know. Well back, except for when I worked at Mac.

That was a thing. You had to have an abundance of black clothes, which by the way, Fashion Nova would come in handy now, if I still worked for Mac. But lately I really have been digging the whole “all black” thing. It passes the test. I can stretch.

I can breathe. Ooh, ey! Salsa! Mumbapa! Mariacchi–eey!

No but here’s really how I wanted to take the look.

I really really wanted a hat like this. The ones that I was finding online were like seventy dollars, a hundred and twenty dollars and I was like “I just can’t justify buying a hat that expensive that I’m probably only gonna wear once or twice a year. What gives, man?” I’m really happy I found this.

This is really cute. This is so cute! Especially with my hair this way. This wavy, kind of- Wait a minute. Texture, we need texture!

There we go, yes! Give the curls what they depended from you, Jacqueline. So how does it look though? – -Yeah, you look like a French daughter. – -The hat makes – Don’t say.

. that’s not the look I’m going for. – -Oh. (clears throat) – -I don’t wanna take it off now. – -I don’t want you take it off is all.

– -I don’t wanna take it off, no! It’s gotta go with every look now. (laughs) It took me about, almost forty five minutes to get these pants on.

I almost regretted my decision, but now that I have them on they fit PERFECT. So sizes.

You have to be careful because sizes can sometimes be hit or miss with Fashion Nova. I’ve noticed that different jeans have like, a three in one line is like a different three in another line. But to fix that, I go through the reviews. I read the comments. I see what the girls are saying, okay?

They’ll tell you the real t. Like “This is forgiving.” “This is not as forgiving.” And then I buy accordingly. So again, the whole “black on black” movement.

How cute is this lace-up sweater situation though? It’s a lace-up crop sweater. It’s meant to look like, worn in and comfy. I really been wanting a cute pair of black denim jeans. I think I just found them!

I think I just found the pair I’ve been looking for. And I love high waisted. I think I will probably for the rest of my life only wear high waisted. Low waist is..

. It’s so Paris Hilton era. There aint nobody in…

Low waist ain’t cute anymore. This isn’t a Christina Aguilera dirty video, okay. Thank you, you can keep it. I think high waists just look so much more classy. It shapes you nice, it hugs the figure.

.. I’m not even kidding. I almost really regretted the decision I made with these jeans but they stretch a lot more than I realize, and I feel like a size 5 would have been too..

Like I wouldn’t have gotten as much wear out of them because they would have stretched beyond measure. These I will be able to definitely wear for a little while. Now this right here is really the look I have in mind for the black denim jeans, okay? Giving you a little Yeezi vibe!

You know, tattered and ripped! Stressed. Trying, without really trying, but like low key really trying kind of hard though.

Where’s the hat? Where’s the hat?

We need the hat! The rhythm nation hat strikes yet again. This. Is. A look.

I saw a friend of mine wearing this outfit and I didn’t know where she got any of the pieces from, but in my head I was like “You know what? I’mma rock… I’m coming for that look.

” She wasn’t wearing a hat, though. The hat was just my own special touch. So I’m putting these in my good jeans drawer, ’cause you know the jeans that you save for special occasions that aren’t really as comfortable, they aren’t really as versatile, but you put them close enough within reach to where you can have them when you need them? These, however, looks on top of looks girl! Yes, jumpsuit!

Can I just say the struggle with finding jumpsuits that work for me though, lets, let’s, pull up a chair.

Let’s talk about it. This is actually more like one of those utility jumpsuits, so it fits all up here, it’s comfortable. Like there’s so much give. It’s not too long, and it’s also not too short.

It’s perfect! Does that have pockets though.. (gasp) It’s got pockets! The girls love pockets though.

I never really feel like you need a belt though. You can dress it up and belt it, but this is super comfortable. Fashion Nova did that. Like they outdid themselves. I did get things that normally I wouldn’t get, ’cause normally I’d just go straight to the sweaters, or the matching separates, or the jeans, but this is a haul.

This is the look book, and I’m trying to give you guys the best of what they have to offer and I really kind of feel like I did that. I’m definitely gonna have to start checking for their jumpsuits now. I wasn’t before. But I am now. I’m not gonna throw the hat on.

The hat is taking a lunch break. I feel like I’ve done enough with him. He’s done enough for us in this video, he’s taking a lunch break now. Just giving him a rest. It’s chic, it’s camo.

We can undo the- Oooh, oh, wow! Oh! I didn’t even see this situation. What’s this? More storage!

There’s back pockets, though you know what, sorry, I was about to get super hype. There’s not back pockets, but there’s back flaps. You know what they say about back flaps, girl.

They give you more curve! I’m gonna wear this to target!

This red sweater has Valentine’s Day written all over it. How cute is this? Skirt is also from Fashion Nova. What you thought? I actually haven’t been this in love with a denim skirt in a while.

‘Cause denim skirts, when I was younger, they were not cool! They weren’t cool at–just, no. Give it a rest, bro! Okay, this is doing a lot with layers, but this is actually kind of cute though. Chose red because I’ve been wearing red lipstick a lot and it’s become my new mood as of lately.

I just have this vision of wearing like a red chunky sweater, my hair just like this, waved outward, a bright, bold red lip.

It looks so good. And the red on this sweater combined with the blue of the denim is giving you red white and blue vibes! Look at me being all patriotic or whatever! Not really though.

Ooh! Oh my god, too bad I don’t have leg warmers. That would look so- This is like, this has leg warmers sweater written all over it. This would have been really cute for Christmas too. But it’s okay, we still celebrate up until New Year.

What in the Richard G Simmons is going on? Oh what you do is get the denim, okay, work with me! Throw her off the shoulders. Do a high pony- Unfortunately my wigs will not allow it but just, work with me here. DO the high ponytail situation.

Throw her off the shoulders and some Doc Martins and you’re cool. You’re cool I have so many different visions for this body suit situation, which on it’s own it’s all right.

You know, you don’t really see the vision until it comes together. So for me that magic is the coat, but like letting it also have it’s shine. So wearing it off the shoulder, letting everything hang, letting everything flow, walking into a room, rewind it okay!

Walking into a room and letting the hips swing. One more time, in case you missed it. Walking in to a room whilst doing the schmutty dance. It’s kind of the same thing, if you really think about it. Or even three looks with this dress now.

I think it might have been four. Yes! I’m takin a picture for the Gram just like this. Again, another example of something that I could wear every day. It’s comfortable, it’s stretch.

It fit right on.

I think this was size small. Definitely kinda has that easy vibe. I just need one of these in tan, or even brown. All you need is some clear purse flecks, and hot dog heels.

You know the ones that squeeze your feet in and make ’em look like a pack of hot dogs. That’s what you need to complete this look. The insta-batty. I call this the insta-batty look, but it is kinda hot though. Not gonna lie.

Yes. Girl. Hoo! Ooh, I didn’t shave. Let me.

.. This last look is something that I would wear to Target, I would wear it to the airport…

Actually, I would really really really wear something like this to the airport. And this came with an unexpected surprise. I didn’t know that we had Tiger Tiger Woods, y’all, on the back though! I like this because I can just pull it up. It makes it a little more casual.

Not as warm and not as hot. Still kinda shows off the figure a little bit, you know! Again, trying without really trying. But low key trying hella hard though. Velvet can take all my coin in 2018.

Givin me some black cherry vibe. This look was screaming for a backpack. At this point, I’m just bein extra but, it’s cute though right? Just need some burgundy sneakers. You can also do the fuzzy slides.

You know I’m team slides. I wear slides everywhere. Especially at the airport. I wanted to add one lounger outfit because like I said, Fashion Nova has some cute separates and lounge wear items, and this is stuff that like, you can afford to rough up a little. Because you’ll be wearing it around the house, you know, running errands in it, and making it look cute but still.


Casual and comfortable. Personally, I don’t normally know how the hell people travel at the airport looking like, head to toe, like, a whole look. It never works for me.

I usually end up looking like a demagorg. But at least what looks like these, I can kind of… You know, kind of look somewhat cute.

If I had to choose a favorite from today’s looks, I’m definitely gonna go with the rose gold latex skirt. That one just blew my expectations. I really didn’t think it was gonna be as cute as it was.

Oh and that rust outfit. That rust velvet outfit was.

.. Clean. Like that was actually the first thing that Dennis saw when he got home, and he was like “Oh! That’s what we doin now?

” And I was like “Mhmm, she sure is!” ’cause sometimes shopping on line can be hit or miss. Fashion Nova actually has stores. Their headquarters are actually in good ole Los Angeleez. Thank you again for Fashion Nova for partnering with me for this video.

I really hope you guys enjoyed the looks we created. If you have any questions, comments, concerns, or if you just liked the video, please comment down below.

Let me know what you think. Make sure you subscribe, though. Don’t think I forgot to mention it at the beginning of the video.

I didn’t forget. I was just trying to let y’all slide one time. I’m gonna go back to ask you to subscribe at the beginning of the video like I normally do. But on a serious note, thank you guys again for watching. And while you’re here, you know what time it is!

I just make it so easy for you to go from one video to the next.

Just sayin! (beep) I, I’ve been a Fashion Nova customer…

(tapping) How long will this continue? Who knows? Who knows? Who knows? Oh it stopped.



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