I don’t want to force anybody to do this who doesn’t go this is going to be fun a number of celebrities were not on the floor for Jennifer Lopez’s new movie JLo’s movie This Is Me Now a love story premiered on Prime video February 16th and is filled with a number of celebrity cameos including Sophia Vergara Jane Fonda Kiki Palmer and Derek Huff but her new documentary the greatest love story ever told gives an exclusive behind the- scenes look at the making of her film and in this clip from the documentary it seems like there were many celebrities on wish list that apparently couldn’t appear on the project we sent out all the offers last night to everybody and we’re waiting to her back on a few people um like Jane Fonda Taylor Swift is a no Jason is not available .

Jennifer kage not available lizo not available he’s doing succession to and The Lion King and Star Wars andorid 2 so he’s not necessarily he’s not available but he loves you do you want benessa by the way I was thinking about that one of the friends oh never mind it’ be good to get B bunny to do a little Cameo as the bad kid all the wrong again that would be good question becomes if Trevor there are do you want James Gordon too or is okay right Ariana Grande is unavailable she’s in London until September snoop’s not available unfortunately at one point after learning about the list of unavailable celebrities

JLo vents to her longtime manager Benny Medina I don’t want to force anybody to do this who doesn’t go this is going to be fun nobody wants to say no to me Benny I I get that but when an act doesn’t like a script that doesn’t think it’s good enough or is worried about it that’s what they’ll say I know that I’ve done it I mean I know Val was available but I want you to call Derek and we need him for like one or two days it’s a wedding babe he’s in a wedding it’s not it’s a wedding he’s not going to give up this wedding I mean Benny it’s a wedding he’s in he can’t it’s unfortunately it’s where it’s Landing I want you to call him okay and while JLo had fictional men after her heart in the movie.

the film is based off her real life love story with its many ups and downs but like any fairy tale inspired drama the Let’s Get Loud singer story has a happy ending with Ben Affleck who she reunited with in 2021 after ending their engagement back in 2003 and he even had a hand in helping her cinematic Vision come to life she told e news’s will maruji during her February 14th interview at the premiere of her movie that b is really proud of her film I saw your man taking a very sweet video of you just posing over here a minute ago people bounced up off their spouses all the time most people spouses aren’t double Oscar winners how important winning writer how important was he director in this all these things all these things picture how important was he in like in not guiding the process but helping you see your way through this process he definitely helped me through the process at the end of it he was like oh my God you made a film congratulations he goes in it’s really good I’m really proud of you

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